GizmoCopter Pictures

Gizmocopter Pictures from April 2001

These are the pictures from April 2001 as Nate Dietrich set up a workbench in a spare room at his place in Fremont. This became the site for future GizmoCopter workshops.

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The nearly-complete workbench at Nate's place where GizmoCopter development was moving to. (April 2001)
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Sean Lynch looks at a sample PC/104 stack which was provided to us with old discarded boards. We used this for planning the board stand-offs without using flight electronics. (April 2001)
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The workbench is done. On the bench are the "MZ104" PC/104 board provided to contest finalists, a surplus PC power supply and some of the cables from our Ampro PC/104 boards which we already had before the contest. (April 2001)
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Left to right: Bill Clawson (ERPS Flight Control Team lead), Sean Lynch, and Nate Dietrich. (April 2001)

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